About Us

From the beginning, a decade ago, we made a conscious decision that our cafe would be inclusive, rather than exclusive. We had personally experienced the 'hipster-style vegetarian cafes' where if you weren't 'cool' enough, but just wanted to try it out, you were made to feel like an outcast there. We wanted no part of that.

As a reminder, whether you are brown, bi-sexual, older, purple, husky, a traveler, transgendered, couch-surfing, a little kid, Peruvian, extra-tatted up, or anything else, YOUR ENERGY IS INVITED AND WELCOME HERE.

The only thing NOT welcome here, is intolerance and disrespect for others & the path that they have chosen to walk for themselves.

We provide free wi-fi to all our customers

Our Interactive Sculpture

Meet the latest addition to our deck: "Java Juice Munky's Got The World in His Hands...... And He's Feeding It!" - an interactive sculpture created exclusively for fudenjüce by artist, Preston Williams. (Photo by T. A. Roth) Here's how it works:

  1. Grab the banana handle and pull it towards you
  2. This causes Java (the) Juice Munky to bend forward, lowering down his arm holding Earth.
  3. Earth has a slot to accept donations. All donations collected go to help local charitable causes. The charitable cause that is the recipient of the donations changes every couple of months.
  4. After you have placed your donation into Earth, simply push the banana handle back up to return Java to his upright position.
  5. Smile! You've given of yourself freely today!

Divine Spark

One of our greatest joys these past several years, has been our partnership with Divine Spark, whereby we have been able to help ensure that the homeless & hungry in our community have the opportunity to get a good nutritious meal at least once daily. Partnering with others in our community, in response to economic downturns & reduced government assistance for the most vulnerable in our society, to help provide for their most basic human needs, is an opportunity for which we are grateful!

Divine Spark is a California non-profit 501(c)(3) non-denominational organization providing support and guidance for people in-need without regard to gender, race, creed, age or calling to activate the divine spark within each of them. A weekly lunch program, allocation of donated motor vehicles & bicycles, pet food & veterinarian care, legal & job referral help, meal / food vouchers, Sunday bbq & baseball practice, and a weekly dream circle are just a part of the assistance they have provided to our community over the years. Although, we were all saddened by the loss of the program's guiding light & founder, Dr. Thomas Streicher, this past year in a tragic auto accident, others in our community, such as Shirley Kinghorn, have worked tirelessly, picking up the mantle, and thus far ensuring that the Divine Spark program continues to serve the most needy in our society.

Feel free to contact Shirley Kinghorn directly @ (530) 913-2050, for information on how you can help with the annual Holiday dinner or perhaps in some other way. Learn more about them here at www.divinespark.us